cosmic coincidences

Looking for a solitaire painting? 

Are you not afraid to be original and want to experiment a little? 

Try to choose a painting from this gallery, called "Cosmic coincidences". Mostly large canvases, especially suitable for modern, spacious interiors, where there is enough space and distance for a generous installation, as well as different lighting conditions, which will enhance the colour range of the painting. 

Landscapes of the universe, landscapes of the soul, landscapes of coincidences, non-coincidences and moods, often arise very organically, spontaneously and are difficult to imitate or repeat (especially some:). I recommend placing the painting within reach of a comfortable armchair, where you can relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine after a busy day and give the painting a chance to impress you. Perhaps then you will discover, among other things, that you can also experiment with the orientation of the canvas. 😎 These paintings are truly unique! 👌