for children & with children

Painting for kids and with kids

 Are you choosing a picture for the children's room? 

A children's room does not have to be decorated only with plushies and posters of favorite idols!😜 Children are very sensitive to everything around them from an early age, they can intuitively choose what they like if they are given a choice! In this gallery you will find selected paintings intended primarily for children's rooms. The paintings are characterized by rich paints, contrasting colours, lots of details and a number of popular motifs. Some paintings glow at night!:) Many of the paintings in this gallery bear the imprints of children's hands that help me create. We like to work with templates, where even small children can participate without harming the final form of the painting.

I hope and believe that the paintings "for kids & with kids" will bring joy and positive energy to your space, the space of your children. The paintings in this section are mostly made to order, usually within 3-5 weeks.