ART for your SPACE

original paintings & graphic arts & cyanotypes 


I'm glad you are here! My joy is multiplied if you find inspiration here or perhaps feel the desire to choose a painting for your space.  

My name is Kateřina - Kate💙. I am an art restorer by profession. Painting provides me with relaxation and the possibility of finding a path to my own creation, to my own art.  I mostly paint with acrylics, the paintings are full of colours and visible or hidden details, you won't find two alike, so I hope you won't get bored easily:) Sometimes I also experiment with graphic techniques, make handmade papers and print monotypes. Each piece, each of my artworks is completely unique! The space in which you place my artwork will also be unique!

The photos here will give you a certain idea in preview quality, please keep in mind that in reality the images will look somewhat different. Expect a colour shift (try viewing the pages on a PC, mobile, tablet), also the perception of the size, plasticity and "energy" of the image depends on many circumstances, suitable location, impact of light, distance or your current mood.😉

In the e-shop gallery you can view selected paintings in different previews or installations in the interior. 

You can also follow me on Instagram to see more!   kate.kukral_art   #MAXIMUZA

Don't be afraid to be original!