Author's prints on handmade paper 

Do you want to treat yourself to the original at a minimum price? 💙 

Printmaking is such a "heart thing" of mine because it is directly related to my favorite medium, PAPER💙. I make my own papers, using high quality fibre blends (mostly linen, cotton and sometimes also hemp), which I supplement according to my mood and circumstances, for example with green tea leaves or various plant ingredients. I consider hand-made paper to be a very "intimate" material with a wonderful haptic texture, typical hand-made edges, magical inaccuracies in the paper casting and also with a delicate specific scent. 

Currently, I mostly focus on monotype printing, that is, unlike other graphic techniques, only one print (or a similar second print in inversion) is possible here.  You can buy the graphic sheets separately or rather I recommend a suitable adjustment (according to previews in the e-shop - we are currently preparing, please be patient :). 🙏 9/1/2023